Infusing the moments of our lives with a rich lushness and a celebration of what it means to be a living being, we create bespoke designs for all occasions. Soirées, weddings, ceilidhs, hospitality and corporate clients alike engage us to help them mark important events as well as their daily celebrations of life. From a handful of peonies to hand-nurtured container gardens, we love to make life blooming and beautiful.

At its most fundamental level, Botanic is a floral expression of a lifetime spent observing, cataloging, and falling in love with the natural world. Influenced by a love of European design, fashion, gardens, art, and the gentle decay of historic cities, Botanic creations are both rich in texture and simple in design. From ancient lichen-covered stones in the Scottish highlands, to the ethereal lush flora that appear to crash into the sea in California, founder and Virginia Certified Horticulturist, Ann P. Reid, sees beauty in every landscape.

Botanic brings globally influenced design to lovingly grown and harvested resources with a single focus on fostering a world that is as beautiful as it is sustainable. We champion locally grown and seasonal branches and blossoms. We work diligently to establish relationships with farmers, growers, nurseries and wholesalers who share our passion for sustainable practices. When we work outside that realm, we disclose it. The bottom line: Relationships with exceptional people are important to us.   

Please inquire about any fleur commissions outside Richmond, VA.

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